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Jacks Staff App.

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1Jacks Staff App. Empty Jacks Staff App. on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:10 pm


OurWorldRp Development/Manager
OurWorldRp Development/Manager
[b]In-Game Name:jacko

Real name:jack james walsh



Why we should hire you:im grate at helping people and i love the game so ill probly be on it 24/7 shh dont tell sploozehotel.piczo.com

What is rolplaying, give an example:Where an individual plays at or pretends to occupy the role of another. This concept is useful for understanding the socialization of children and in particular that stage during which they play at being mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, or truck drivers

What is metagaming? : metagaming is the use of out-of-character knowledge in an in-character situation. A character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story.

What is powergaming? In role-playing games (mainly, but not exclusively), powergaming is a particular way of playing in which the emphasis lies on developing a player ...

List at least 3-5 Hotel Rules.
No asking for admin/mod/habbo X or any staff.

No sexual harassment.

No bad language.

Do not steal or scam passwords, credits or furniture from other players.

Do not Tell/ask anyone personal information which could be used to locate you or other people in real life

What Position You Want:mod or admin if this is realy good make me admin if ok or grate mod.

How often you can be on?:on mondays to fridays past 3:30am (australian time) and weakends about 4 hours a day

Give a breif description on why we should hire you : im grate at helping people and i dont disapoint anyone.

Past expirence :Mod
1.bobbalodge(closed down)

2.www.musical-motel.co.cc (errors on it

and admin/co-owner:

1.www.sploozehotel.piczo.com (admin)


Additional Info:if never let a retro down im clean on all retros i only play RETROS and your the best RETRO and if someones intruble i'll help and if anyones scamming/spamming or braking any rule they'll be intrubble i'll do what the higher people level staff ty for lissening and hope you agree and hope you have fun with the retro also the things i told you where 100%real no lie
lol! [b]


2Jacks Staff App. Empty Re: Jacks Staff App. on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:13 pm


OurWorldRp Development/Manager
OurWorldRp Development/Manager


3Jacks Staff App. Empty Re: Jacks Staff App. on Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:34 am


I Have Been Staff ON 5 Other retros

Name:Sean Fleming
5 things not to do
3. dont ask to be admin or mod or anything.
4.no harrasing or abusing staff
5. no furni credit or account nicking.

previous Jobs: IntroLazerHotel-Head Admin (closed)
HabboROFL: Admin to Co-owner (shut down for ever)
StayRoyalHotel-Mod (hardlyOnline)
i know wat to do if i see scammer spammer or hacker
i will try do the best to make this hotel 1 of the top 10 Smile

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